Finnish Peatland Society will organize the First National Peatland Day

Peatlands in the Bioeconomy World

Tuesday 2 February 2016, World Wetland Day, 8 am-8pm

Venue: The House of Science and Letters, Helsinki

Finland has the highest relative peatland cover of the countries in the world. How to use and manage our peatlands, their products, services and intangible value sustainably in the world of Bioeconomy? How to balance the demands of bioeconomy, biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation on peatlands? Welcome to present your latest peatland research and to join the discussion.

We welcome abstract submissions intended for talks under three themes:

Peatlands and Bioeconomy
Peatlands and Climate
Peatlands and Diversity

Poster presentations may cover any peatland, peat, or wetland related topic. Finnish will be the primary language of the talks, and English if needed. Poster contributions in other languages are also accepted. Please submit your abstract by 15 November 2015 by emailing . Please indicate which of the three themes you submission possibly belongs to in the cover email and attach your abstract as a word document. There will also be an opportunity to publish your contribution as an extended abstract in Mires and Peat (Suolehti) afterwards. Abstract Guidelines (a PDF document).

The scientific program will be finalized by 15 December 2015 and the registration to attend the day will close on 10 January 2016.

The event is targeted to researchers and students at universities and research institutes, peatland professionals, authorities, enterprises, anyone interested in peatlands.

Registration fees: students (incl. PhD students) 30 €, members of the Finnish Peatland Society 60 €, other participants 90€. Morning and afternoon coffee and evening refreshments included.

The Finnish Peatland Society is a scientific society, established in 1949 whose aim is to encourage the study and research of peat and peatlands in all aspects, and to promote their sustainable and socio-economic use. Join now! Membership fee only 40 euro.

Please feel free to circulate this invitation. Welcome!

Organizing Committee:
Prof. Raija Laiho, Luonnonvarakeskus
FT Tuomas Haapalehto, Metsähahallitus
FT Leila Korpela, Luonnonvarakeskus
MMM Markku Koskinen, Helsingin yliopisto
Prof. Björn Klöve, Oulun yliopisto
MMM Maija Lampela, Helsingin yliopisto
Dos. Tapio Lindholm, Suomen ympäristökeskus
Apulaisprof. Marja Maljanen, Itä-Suomen yliopisto
FM Juha Ovaskainen, Vapo
Dos. Sakari Sarkkola, Luonnonvarakeskus
FT Minna Tanskanen, Itä-Suomen yliopisto
Prof. Eeva-Stiina Tuittila Itä-Suomen yliopisto
Dos. Harry Uosukainen, Turveruukki
FT Samu Valpola, Geologian tutkimuskeskus
Prof. Harri Vasander, Helsingin yliopisto
Dos. Tuula Larmola, Luonnonvarakeskus

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,
Raija Laiho, puheenjohtaja/ Chair
Tuula Larmola, sihteeri/ Secretary
Suoseura/Finnish Peatland Society

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