Finnish Peatland Society

The Finnish Peatland Society is a scientific society, established in 1949. The aim of the society is to encourage the study and research of peat and peatlands in all aspects, and to promote their sustainable and socio-economic use. The Society also acts as the Finnish National Committee of the International Peat Society.

The Finnish Peatland Society organises meetings and excursions, takes part in several national and international working groups, and publishes the international journal Suo - Mires and peat. The society organised the 12th International Peat Congress in 2004, and celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2009.

The Society also publishes books. Finland - Fenland, and its Finnish edition were published in July 2008. The previous edition "Peatlands in Finland" came out in 1996, and the Finnish edition in 1998. A book of selected "peatland stories" was published in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Society in 1999.

At present there are approximately 400 members in the Society. They represent 1) research scientists of all aspects of mires and peat, 2) those who are actively use peat and peatlands, 3) conservationists and many others with an active interest in peat and mires. There are nine honorary members and five supportive members.

Membership is open to all individuals interested in mires and peat. Applications for membership should be supported by two members of the Society. All individual members are also members of the International Peat Society. The membership fee is 40 euros per year. It includes the journal Suo - Mires and peat, and Peatlands International published by the International Peat Society.

Peat production. Photo Riitta Korhonen Beauty  from peat Peat textiles